Julia: Supersession.
Title: Supersession Author: William Wu

My original intention with this piece was to imitate what I think is "traditional-looking" fractal art, by superimposing several differently colored snapshots of a spiral-like fractal. However, I ended up deciding that my first layer looked good enough to stand alone. It's a Julia fractal. The spiraling bright white beam contrasts nicely with the dark and aged stone-like geography that curls around it, as if overwhelmed by the beam's energy. The image made me think of an old world being retired by a fresh cosmic force.

I wasn't listening to any music while making this one. Crickets chirped outside.

- W.Wu, 7/31/2003 10:36PM

Julia: Corpuscles.
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Julia: Egg.
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Julia: Greens.
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Julia: Radar love.
Radar Love. Author: Paul DeCelle

Julia: Surface Tension.
Surface Tension. Author: Paul DeCelle

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