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my name is will, and i run a problem-solving consulting shop called QED which focuses on the amplification of knowledge and information transparency in the developing world. we are building and supporting data processing pipelines for agricultural and medical projects in several sub-saharan african countries.

previous companies that i have worked at include the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, apple computers, and nec research labs. i studied computer science and electrical engineering at berkeley, followed by a mathematics masters' degree and phd in electrical engineering at stanford. for a copy of my old graduate student research site, please click here.

this site was built when i was an undergraduate at berkeley in '99-'03. the net was still young, and i used the free webspace to help me explore my interests then, particularly riddles and mathematical puzzles, but also chinese language, emulation, and geek culture. today i am focused on QED, but many of these interests remain close to my heart and influenced my thinking today. the topic of puzzles consumes most of the visitor bandwidth, and almost all of the highly educational forum content. there's also some stuff on psychology, fractals, and other neat things. if you're into math and/or puzzles though, i think you'll enjoy the forum, and i invite you to join. it's an archive of discussions for thousands of puzzles at all levels of difficulty. new problems arise almost every hour, and we have members spanning all ages, countries, and professions.

btw, if you're wondering why this site is on a berkeley server, my undergraduate studies in EECS were done at berkeley. it's a big hassle to move everything due to the forum.

suggestions? typos? feedback is welcome. e-mail wwu at ocf.berkeley.edu or post to the guestbook

research site (research page)

1337 (script kiddie culture)
allexperts (graphical answers to math problems)
articles (some toy articles)
astronomy (images w/ descriptions)
chinese (chinese language etymology)
complex analysis (needs to be trashed)
coursework (most technical classes i've taken)
downloads (serving emulators, music, movies, etc)
emulation (play old-school video games for free)
forums + guestbook (self-explanatory)
fractals (math and gallery)
graphics (includes fractal art)
hehe (funny rap lyrics)
links (useful sites)
psychology (practical psychology)
quotes (quotes by friends, teachers, profs)
read or die (books)
riddles (tech-interview riddles)
screenshots (old school video games)
stanford EE quals (advice for quals)
truth (history)
winamp (mp3s)

  1. I sent you an e-mail, but I got an error message saying your e-mail address doesn't exist.
    • You have to remove the "NO_SPAM_" prefix that I appended to all e-mail links on this site, to deter spam robots. If you were too dense to figure this out, I probably don't want to correspond with you anyways :)

  2. Are you some kind of Wu-Tang Clan freak?
    • Only like the old-school stuff.

  3. Regarding the 100 prisoners problem, can we [ rotate the bulb | make markings on the wall | break the bulb into shards | tally visitations by leaving droppings in the corner | ... ]?
    • No. (Those are all real suggestions that were sent to me.)

  4. Where is this slashdot article about your riddles site?
  5. Are these questions really frequently asked?
    • No.

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