Homework Policy

Homework is handed out on Thursdays, and due in class every week on the following Thursday. Exceptions to this rule will generally NOT be made, unless there are really unusual circumstances. Please strive to make your homework legible, concise, and well-explained. Justify all manipulations and show all intermediate steps that might not be obvious.

The final and midterm determine the bulk of your grade. Your homework is used to decide between adjacent grade shades for scores that are on the borderline. For example, if your final and midterm scores place you very near the B+/A- cutoff line, then you will be bumped up to A- if you've exceeded a certain threshold on your homework.

The homework influence is binary. Professor Cover will determine a minimum total homework score. If your total homework score exceeds this minimum, then you get the benefit of a homework bonus. The minimum cutoff is based on a curve of the homework scores, and is not set in advance. Note that the homework bonus does not automatically bump up your grade. It only bumps up your grade if you are borderline.